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Bohol is touristy indeed. Saw pics from my friends and I was jealous!


They are all great President.
Unique in their own way.


America has legal corruption. They have been democratic for almost 300 years

a simple life

great post and cool photos. i admire the way you documented this.

happy monday!


C'est bien compliqué aux Philippines et dire que certains se plaignent ici en France


welcome back!! :P

Chase Ravndal

My dearest Odd wants to travel to Siquijor but I am just afraid to travel there due to rumours of witch doctors and stuff.


Tena koe ehoa
I so like the way your collect and document life and living in the Philippines, so naturally I;'m looking forward to the new discoveries you have for us as visitors to you site.


Mangkukulam literally means witch - which you probably already knew :D Siquijor is very fascinating. Would love to see some photos of the mangkukulam.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. We now have broadband - though the connection is either low or good. I'm looking forward to visiting your blog more regularly. Please bear with me. Have a great weekend!



bohol is really trying very hard (sometimes it's becoming too hard) to be tourist attraction. but actually, they should not hurry, coz they have nice places really and people will discover them.

what's your new series? the mangkukulam? i'd rather see the siquijor pictures than bohol. i can see bohol pictures almost everywhere.

God bless tito :)


Thanks for continuing to visit my site even though you're very busy. I hope all is going well for you!


it will be nice when you are back. what is this challenging series?



Love you blog! Read one post which led me to another then to another. I couldn't get enough that I ended up reading all your entry from the latest one to your first entry on March 2005. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more entries!


As with everyone else, im eager to see your pictures of bohol and siquijor. The latter interests me so, from the ethnographies i've been working with over the years, the ones of siquijor and its magic have certainly grown on me.

good luck with all your endeavours.

John Maslowski

Anxiously awaiting your next series, Sidney. Have a great day!


you are working on your desk ..:-)) thanks- and not here for 2 weeks...les cerisiers du Japon m appellent..


I'm waiting your posts, Sidney ! Have a good day ;-)


can't wait to see some pictures of your trip!


Un petit bonjour en attendant !

donG hO

looking forward to your Siquijor feature. siquijor is more interesting as many people have been talking about bohol already. but bohol pictures are still interesting.


I can hardly wait for your new series. The stories that your pics bring are fascinating. Thanks for sharing your photos, Sidney!


Tough pictures to shoot. cool document.


Like the rest, just can't wait :)


Hi Sidney, know what I have a friend who is practising Osteopathy and he went to Siquijor 2006. He met some of those witchcrafts,albularyo's (herb doctors) and everything that pertains to old medicine. He told me the city is really beautiful! I would like to see how it is there, waiting impatiently for the pictures !

Glad your back :D !


Je lis que des nouvelles photos vont arriver, merci !


We will enjoy whatever you choose to post. You've discovering so many very interesting facets of varied cultures. Your collection represents a fine documentary as well as beautiful pictures!

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